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Ross Bennett

Ross BennetRoss Bennett has been called the funniest live comedy performer in the world. He is one of those rare comedians that the word artist can be applied to. When he gets on a roll his routines flow out with passion, angst and beauty. His topics seem enough at the outset, a motor home trip that brought about the end of a relationship. But in the telling the audience finds out about Marsupials, feminists, compulsive dieting, white male fear and liberation, evolving sexual desires, and animal rights activism. You get the idea. More than just a stream of conscious, it's a stream of awakening consciousness. And yet it can't be called high brow. Ross is one of the most easily accessible talents to watch perform. And if an audience member wants to join in, Ross listens, responds and makes it funny.

Ross is probably the only Stand Up Comedian working who was trained at Westpoint Military Academy, and has made over 20 TV appearances, including Comedy Rules and Net.Comedy in the UK, and every major US stand up series ever made.

What the press say:

"Always a surprise a high-energy performer who takes his act to the audience and never fails to succeed. A must see for every comedy connoisseur. - The Guardian

"Not so much a comedy show as a self contained hysterical road movie" - The Independent