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Jim JeffriesJim Jeffries

Hailing from Perth, the one in Western Australia, Jim has come a long way since he did his first ever comedy spot in Sydney at the age of 17. He has won the Perth Comic of the Year 2000, and is a celebrity in the city. Although as he says, even local newsreaders are celebrities in Perth.

Whilst staying in Australia, he has headlined at all the major clubs right across the country, and established and run comedy nights. In an effort to show he is multi-talented he has hosted his own top 40 radio show on Perth FM. He's tried his hand at acting, and stars alongside Craig Mclaughlin in the film Let's Get Skase which is currently waiting for release. And having a degree in Musical Theatre, he has sung with the Australian Opera Company, in that Opera house. Oh, and played the male lead in The Pyjama Game too.

His real love is stand up. So he's over here, trying to make it in the clubs of the UK....

"The best part of the evening" - The Sydney Times

" the end it was Jim Jeffries who stole the show, and that was no mean feat" - NSW Post