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Daniel PackardDaniel Packard

Onstage epiphany forces Daniel to turn down TV execs offer to make him a star, throw out his entire act, and set out on a quest to deliver not material, but an 'alive', humour experience. Using his Engineering training, Daniel reexamines and investigates the psychology of humour. Then by incorporating the performance philosophies of martial arts, jazz improvisation and professional athletes, Daniel develops innovative, interactive, "discussionist" style.

Daniel Packard has clearly evolved comedy to a new dimension. Always in the moment and always reacting to each crowd's uniqueness, Daniel drops the standard, one-dimensional set-up/punchline premise and replaces it by jumping into each audience with a skillful fearlessness

Treating the audience not like a crowd, but like friends in his living room, Daniel soulfully talks 'with' the crowd, instead of generically 'at'. By creating an authentic friendship and connection with the audience, Packard is able to take the crowd places few comedians can

Like a music conductor with the audience instruments in his orchestra, Packard fluidly works the crowd into an interactive frenzy. Seeing all sides of the picture, Daniel compassionately pontificates on why we do what we do and how we an do a better job at it. Part sociologist, part willing stooge, part incredibly funny guy, Daniel Packard is a gift to anyone at his show.


"One of the most charismatic, passionate, funny stand-up comics I've seen. Someday he will be famous. See him now while you can still afford good seats"
- Vancouver Sun
"To laugh and think I go see him"
- Timothy Leary

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