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Carla Rhodes

Carla RhodesCarla Rhodes is not your ordinary teenager or human being for that matter. She is an accomplished ventriloquist, stand-up comic, musician, and artist.

Carla has been a ventriloquist since the age of nine after seeing Shari Lewis on television. Ventriloquism led to stand-up comedy, and that led to one twisted act!

Her unique blend of funny songs, stand-up comedy and ventriloquism is shaking up the conventional comedy world. Carla has gained international attention for her unique ventriloquism act featuring David Bowie, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

Last December, Carla was featured in the documentary "Dummies" which aired nationally on The Learning Channel in the US and internationally in Australia and New Zealand.
Not only is Carla a seasoned entertainer but she is also an accomplished artist and designer. Carla's art has been sold to people in Canada and California. Carla is currently attending college in Tennessee, and is making her debut trip to the UK this June