Barry Hilton

Barry Hilton


Barry Hilton, " The Cousin ", is South Africa's premiere stand-up comedian. Barry Hilton, Proudly South African, is truly an International stand-up comedian, capable of performing his original brand of South African humour anywhere in the world. He lives and performs in South Africa and is currently performing here in this country and in countries around the world.

Barry Hilton is currently performing around South Africa on his 2003 Laughter to The People Tour. Last year Hilton performed over seventy-five SOLD OUT shows on his the national tour in theatres all over this country. Over 35,000 people saw him perform on his tour in this country last year. Barry's tour shows are in addition to his corporate dates which are booked well in advance.

Barry Hilton performs his Laughter to The People Tour shows, in theatres and clubs, all over this country, and he performs corporate shows for different companies in cities all around South Africa, every month of the year.

In April this year, " The Cousin " took his Laughter to The People Tour to Europe. Following on the success of his two different sold out seasons in London in 2001, Barry performed shows sold out shows in England, France, Wales, The Channel Islands, Holland and Ireland on his latest 2002 European Tour. He performed twenty three shows in twenty six days on his April Tour to Europe.

Amongst the most notable achievements on his recent tour was that he performed at the prestigious London Comedy Club, The Comedy Store. Barry Hilton is the first South African stand-up comedian ever to perform at The Comedy Store in London.

South African Airways are the proud sponsors of Barry Hilton's International Laughter to The People Comedy Tours. Barry Hilton flies South African Airways on his overseas International Tours.

In addition to his tour shows and corporate appearances, Barry has devised an exciting new motivational team-building concept to offer to corporate companies. Barry Hilton's Laughter Factory will show companies how to bring more laughter into your daily business and professional life and that success comes with laughter. It is great to be the best, but it is far greater to be best liked. Barry Hilton is available to present his Laughter Factory concept for any corporate company.

Barry Hilton has been featured on South African Television in two different comedy series within the past eighteen months. In 2000 his " Funny Business " television appearances as part of the South African Broadcasting Corporation's Comedy Showcase series proved extremely popular with South African television viewers. Last year Barry hosted his own ten part television series, titled " Funny you should Say That ", which was broadcast in prime viewing time on SABC on Saturday evenings. These television appearances have enhanced the popularity of this county's premier stand-up comedian.

To date Hilton has released two live comedy videos and three different comedy compact discs, which have all sold extremely well. The two videos, titled " Live and Switched On " and " Here We Go Again " are available on sale at Barry's tour shows. Barry's latest live video, " Here We Go Again ", has sold in excess of 40,000 copies in this country to date since it was released in June 2000. Barry Hilton was awarded a Gold Disc for sales in excess of 25,000 copies of the video in this country. This is a unique sales record for sales of a sell-thru comedy video in this country. The compact discs of the same titles also sell very well.

Barry Hilton appeared on The Smirnoff International Comedy Festival, in Cape Town in August 1999, alongside a host of British and American comedians. He also appeared as Master of Ceremonies for the latest The Smirnoff Comedy Festival in Cape Town, in October 2001, together with a host of International comedians.

The sell out attendances at Barry Hilton's Tour shows are proof of the popularity of " The Cleanest " stand-up comedian currently performing in South Africa. Barry Hilton is the only stand-up comedian undertaking national tours of this nature in this country. Barry's shows are invariably sold out well in advance of the dates he is to perform, his unique brand of original humour has a universal appeal.

Barry Hilton stays at Protea Hotels on his 2002 Laughter to The People Tour…because he likes having a bit of fun…

Barry Hilton brings Laughter to The People wherever he performs and is well recognised daily by people of all ages wherever he goes.

Barry Hilton has achieved something that very few South African talents have managed to do. His popularity spans all walks of life in South Africa. He is the only stand-up comedian performing in South Africa who has this type of following. Everybody knows who " The Cousin " is in this country.